Board of Advisors

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root—Author & Entrepreneur
Wayne Allyn Root is a former Presidential candidate and Vice Presidential nominee of the United States. He is a CEO, serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, national media personality and Capitalist Evangelist. Wayne lectures about entrepreneurship, success and branding all over the globe. His latest book will be released this summer entitled, The Power of RELENTLESS!



Dave Bego

Dave Bego—CEO of largest commercial office cleaning company in Midwest USA
Dave Bego is the President and CEO of Executive Management Services, an industry leader in the field of environmental workplace maintenance. He founded the company in 1989, priding itself on providing clients a single-source solution for commercial cleaning, facility services management, maintenance, supplies and security. Operating at high standards, using cutting-edge technology and an unrelenting dedication to its employees, the EMS group offers competitive pay rates and benefits, attracting the best and brightest to their ever-expanding team. EMS employs nearly 5,000 workers in thirty-six states.

In addition to commercial cleaning, EMS offers a variety of other facility services. Executive Management Services, in conjunction with Barrett Supplies and Equipment and Delta Security Services, together comprise The EMS Group, and provide customers a direct source for cleaning equipment, products and security solutions. Other affiliate companies include Moorfeed/Executive Automation Systems, a vibratory feeder bowl and systems manufacturing business, and Maple Creek Golf & Country Club, Pete Dye’s first 18-hole golf course, located in Indianapolis.

Dave has written two books chronicling his company's fight against the SEIU and their ruthless corporate campaign to force unionize his employees. Appearing on radio and television programs across the country, Dave maintains his efforts to educate businesses and the rest of the country about his experiences with organized labor in order to preserve American freedoms.

 JT FoxxJ.T. FoxxCEO, world's #1 business success coach and global business speaker
J.T. Foxx started investing with nothing more than a rusted out Ford pick-up truck, $974 dollars and 1 cheap suit. Now just 6 years later, he has acquired and sold over 500 properties, closed over $40 million in real estate deals. He then turned into a serial entrepreneur and started several multi-million dollar companies all over the world, became one the most sought after motivational speakers and recognized as one of the top wealth coaches in the world all by mastering the Art of partnering, branding, networking, and marketing.

J.T. is the syndicated weekend radio personality of the “J.T. Foxx Show” in the US and Canada. His radio program features celebrity guests as Senator McCain, Rudy Giuliani, Gene Simmons, Rev Jesse Jackson, Trump, George Ross, Kevin O’Leary, Politicians like Speaker Gingrich & Hastert, Governor Pataki and celebrated authors like Robert Kiyosaki, Jack Canfield, David Bach.

Even though his recognition and success in business, real estate and radio continues to rise, J.T.’s true passion is coaching and reaching out to those who dream of achieving their goals by creating differentiation and thinking differently. J.T. teaches the same practical applications he utilizes daily that actually get results in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. The bottom line is his wealth techniques work.

J.T. is also the founder of Mega Partnering, the world’s # 1 Wealth Networking Conference which takes place all over the world and features celebrities, industry leaders, millionaires, and ordinary people looking to do extraordinary things in today’s market. It is the ultimate WOW of conferences; as people from all walks of life get together, network and try and do business together.

Wayne Gorsek—Founder & CEO, DrVita.comWayne Gorsek
Wayne Gorsek is a vitamin and supplement manufacturer who became interested in wellness supplements as he watched his grandparents fall ill.

DrVita's flagship multivitamin provides over 90 essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants including 100 mg of CoQ10 and 5,000 IU of Vitamin D3. The Vitamin D level is 1200% higher versus others containing as low as 400 IU. This is the active form and correct level proven in clinical studies to provide benefits for bone, cellular, immune, muscle and whole body health. Most multivitamins have zero CoQ10 and most people only receive 2–5 mg of CoQ10 in their diet. CoQ10 is required by every cell in the body to produce energy and stay healthy including the muscles, heart and brain. In fact research indicates cholesterol-lowering drugs reduce CoQ10 levels and as a result cause muscle and nerve damage.

Recent studies show the typical multivitamin has zero benefits and may increase cancer by 19%. DrVita is one of the few companies that manufactures and lab checks their own brand in house. Mr. Gorsek found that when he tested products made by others a significant percentage would lack potency or contain microbiological or heavy metal contamination. In fact the #1 selling turmeric at only contained 1% of the active when tested. Wayne has invested over $26 million of his own money to create the most advanced and superior manufacturing, lab and distribution technology.

Prior to, Wayne founded in 1994. became the #1 online retailer in the supplement space from 1994–2009, in fact revenues were 400–500% higher than GNC.COM in 2009. Under Mr. Gorsek’s leadership achieved the INC 500 Hall of Fame and Internet Retailer Top 500 awards. Wayne's IPO goal was accomplished with an IPO valuation providing a 3,000% gain to the average original investor at a $320 million enterprise value. Kroger, a Fortune 100 company, purchased in July of 2014 .

Because of his regimen of supplements, Wayne only goes to the doctor once every two years — to get his FAA medical review for flying!

Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff—CEO, Euro Pacific Capital
Peter Schiff is president and chief global strategist of Euro Pacific Capital, a full-service NASD-registered broker-dealer that specializes in foreign securities. He is a recognized expert in the foreign securities markets as well as the currency and gold markets. Schiff delivers lectures at major economic and investment conferences and is often quoted in print media, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Barron's, Business Week, Time and Fortune. His broadcast credits include regular guest appearances on CNBC, Fox Business, CNN, MSNBC and Fox News Channel as well as hosting a weekly radio show. He is also the author of three bestselling books: "Crash Proof: How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse", "Crash Proof 2.0" and "The Real Crash".

Mark Skousen

Mark Skousen—Presidential Fellow, Chapman University
Dr. Mark Skousen is a professional economist, financial advisor, university professor and author of more than 25 books on economics, personal finance, and investing. His works include Economic Logic, A Viennese Waltz Down Wall Street, The Making of Modern Economics, and The Compleated Autobiography by Benjamin Franklin. He writes an award-winning financial newsletter, Forecasts & Strategies, produces the annual FreedomFest conference, is the Chair of Management of Grantham University, is a Presidential Fellow at Chapman University, and has been a regular contributor on “Kudlow & Company,” CNBC-TV and “Nightly Business Report” on PBS. He was recently named one of the top 20 most influential living economists.

Joe Sugarman—Founder and Chairman of BluBlockers
Joe Sugarman is considered a legend in advertising and marketing and is the author of several books covering such topics as motivation, copywriting, print marketing, TV marketing and the psychology of selling. His most recent book is titled, “The Seen Forces of Success.”

In 1971 he introduced the first pocket calculators through print ads and direct mail. He is a former Army intelligence agent, CIA operative and was the first in 1973 to use and pioneer the use of toll-free numbers to take credit card orders by phone. This single act was instrumental in creating a major increase in direct response marketing throughout the US.

In 1986 he was one of the first marketers to use TV infomercials building his BluBlocker sunglass brand into a major success selling over 20 million pairs. He has also appeared on the QVC home shopping network where he introduced many of his new styles for over 20 years.

He has conducted seminars throughout the world sharing his marketing secrets. He was a commercial multi-engine instrument-rated pilot, an amateur radio operator and the former publisher of the Maui Weekly newspaper, which he built into one of the most successful publications in Hawaii.

Joe fought a six-year battle against the over bearing tactics of the FTC that resulted in an oversight hearing in congress. He has also testified in congress helping pass measures that would help small businesses in any unfair challenge by a government agency.